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The Veranda Presents is an assortment of entertainments and activities, some in downtown Chatham and some online. The easiest way to get information about them is to subscribe to The Veranda Presents Newsletter.

The first downtown event of the 2020 Season, “Hello!”, is just below.



“Hello!” is fun and intriguing outdoor entertainment in downtown Chatham—everyday, at anytime, anywhere.

At “Hello!,” you can...

hear stories

play a game

see new things

have a 3-minute juggling lesson

enjoy Today's Quiz

meet people

hear comic and other verse

join in the fun

Everyone is requested to stay six feet apart.

Look around when you're downtown—“Hello!” is unmistakable.

Clair Culliford


About The Veranda Presents

The earlier events were...

The Thames River Revue

Edgar Allan Poe, Live In Chatham

A Christmas Reading

Robert Frost: The Poet & 14 Poems

A Downtown Chatham History Walk

William Blake: Poet & Artist

A Downtown Chatham Outdoor Big Poetry Reading

Samuel Taylor Coleridge And “The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner”


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