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Clair Culliford

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Clarity: A Writing & Editing Service

Clarity will help you express yourself, clearly and pleasingly, in print and online. It will help you say what you want to say, whether in a report, a proposal, or a love letter. Please click or tap for more about Clarity.

Grasp: A Planning & Organizing Service

Grasp will help you accomplish what you need done. It will help you look carefully and clearly at all parts of the project—or projects—you are working on. It will help you prioritize those parts and get you started. Click or tap for more Grasp information.

Speak Your Best: Lessons In Public Speaking & Effective Communication

Speak Your Best will help you step up and convince, encourage, or entertain a group of people. Speaking well and confidently will add a spark to everything you do. For more, click or tap here.

The Veranda Presents: Events In Downtown Chatham

A few of the events have been A Downtown Chatham History Walk; Edgar Allan Poe, Live In Chatham; Robert Frost: The Poet & 14 Poems; The Thames River Revue; and William Blake: Poet & Artist. See more at The Veranda Presents.


About Clair Culliford & The Veranda

Clair Culliford: I live in downtown Chatham, Ontario, where I am a member of the Art Advisory Committee, Chatham Cultural Centre Association, Chatham-Kent Museum Advisory Committee, and Historic Downtown Chatham BIA. My home overlooks the Thames River, trees, and much sky.

I'm fond of talking, reading, writing, walking, taking photographs, and dancing.

The Veranda: I've put together the things I enjoy doing and am good—I like to think—at doing in The Veranda. I hope some of it appeals to you.


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