Prospectus For The Ambler

A prospectus tells you (or perhaps warns you) of what you are going to get.

Merriam-Webster defines prospectus as “something that forecasts the course or nature of something.” I like those two somethings.

Truth be told, I’m not good at forecasting and I’m not certain of what will appear in The Ambler. It will be a hodgepodge. It will be full of surprises, perhaps even to me.

The Oxford English Dictionary calls hodgepodge (or hotchpotch), “A heterogeneous mass or agglomeration; a medley, farrago, gallimaufrey” ― also, less pleasingly, “A clumsy mixture of ingredients.”

Nevertheless, here are a few of the things that I am confident will appear in The Ambler.

1. Attempts to explain what I think we should do to live a good life ― morals and manners, in short.

2. Poems that I have written and that have been written by others. I’m an old-fashioned fellow. I think poetry is still important in the internet age.

3. Photographs and videos of things that catch my eye in Chatham, Ontario, Canada, where I live.

4. Condemnations and praises.

5. Objections to clumsy, unintelligent, and harmful policies of our governments.

6. Explanations of uncertain or misunderstood things.

I hope you enjoy some of The Ambler. If you do, please use Subscribe/RSS to receive a notification of new entries.

Clair Culliford

PS: You can see About for a little more on The Ambler. Clair Culliford, author of Prospectus

Clair Culliford by Cat Reyto

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