Clair Culliford, author of Prospectus

The Ambler is about things that intrigue, worry, or tickle me ― and you, I hope. It moseys around, from photos to poems to short essays, from history to humour to politics.

Here are some of the kinds of entries in The Ambler.

1. Appreciations: Ramblings about things I like.

2. Essays: My thoughts on various matters.

3. Explanations: Attempts to simplify complicated ― or obfuscated ― matters.

4. Fiction: I occasionally write short stories.

5. Here & Now: “Here & Now” are brief writings about things that have caught my eye ― or ear ― or imagination ― or…

6. Photos: The way I see things.

7. Poems: My poems ― and sometimes other people’s.

8. Snippets: Quotes, links to interesting things, bits of wisdom, etc., that I’ve come across and think you might like to see.

I hope you enjoy some of The Ambler. If you do, please use Subscribe/RSS to receive notifications of new entries.

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~ Clair Culliford

Clair Culliford by Cat Reyto