The Thames River Revue

Recitations  Juggling  Comedy  Little Plays  Audience Participation  Games  & More!

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Summer Busking In Front Of The Downtown Chatham Centre, 100 King St West

Fridays 5-8 PM and

Saturdays & Sundays 12:30-2:30 PM

from July 14 to September 15

Children Welcome

Bring A Chair, If You Like

No Show If Heavy Rain Forecast!

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About The Thames River Revue

This summer, the Thames River Revue comes to Chatham.

The Revue is a variety show with many acts to entertain you—some amusing, some serious, some theatrical, some satiric. You can drop in for 15 minutes, for an hour, for as long as it pleases you.

There will always be new material. Attend as many times as you like.

The Thames River Revue is free. However, if you enjoy the show, feel free drop some money in the hat.

There is a Facebook Group and a weekly Newsletter for schedule changes, upcoming events, reviews, and more.

Come to downtown Chatham and be entertained at the Thames River Revue.

Note: If it appears that there will be heavy rain, the Revue will be cancelled.

Clair Culliford

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