The Veranda Presents...

A Downtown Chatham History Walk

Arson! Haunted Buildings! 200 Years Of Floods! The Black Mecca! Famous Criminals! Opera House!

Robert Frost photo

Sat. March 31 And Sun. April 1, 2 PM to 3 PM

Free! Rain or Shine!

Meet under the Centennial Clock, corner of King St W. and Fifth St.

There are photos of downtown buildings that have disappeared below. More are being added.

If you have a mobile device with you on the walk, visit this webpage to see the photos of the disappeared buildings as I talk about them.

Clair Culliford, Tour Guide

The Chatham Voice, Jamstar Records, and The Chatham Capitol Theatre are now sponsors of The Veranda Presents. Thanks, Voice, Jamstar, and Capitol!

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The next event is “William Blake: Poet & Artist” on Thursday, April 26 at 2 p.m. at the Chatham Branch of the C-K Public Library.


Harrison Hall

#1: Market Square (Above)

Harrison Hall

#2: Market Square In 1882 (Above)

Harrison Hall

#3: Harrison Hall—Postcard from 1952 (Above)

Harrison Hall

#4: Garner House (Above)

Harrison Hall

#5: William Pitt Hotel (Above)

Harrison Hall

#6: Royal Exchange After Fire (Above)

Harrison Hall

#7: Tecumseh (Above)

Harrison Hall

#8: Scane's Opera House (Above)

Harrison Hall

#9: Rankin House (Above)

Harrison Hall

#10: Steamer On The Thames (Above)

Harrison Hall

#11: The Steamer Ossifrage (Above)

River Thames

12: Postcard from 1907. The City Of Chatham steamer is pictured. (Above)

About The Veranda Presents

The Veranda Presents is a series of entertainments in Chatham. It began with the Thames River Revue, Edgar Allan Poe, Live In Chatham , A Christmas Reading, and Robert Frost: The Poet & 10 Poems. It will continue with an event each month.

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Clair Culliford

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