The Veranda

The Veranda Has Four Services For Businesses, Groups, And Individuals In Chatham-Kent

Clair Culliford, The Veranda's Proprietor

Clair Culliford, Proprietor

Chatham, Ontario

Please contact The Veranda. I will answer your questions and arrange to meet you at your convenience.

1. Writing & Editing

a. Do you need help writing a business plan, grant proposal, resume, speech, or other important matter? What about a family history, a pamphlet, or an instruction manual?

      ~1The Veranda can assist you as you write or write it for you.

b. Do you need to be certain a document is effective and easy to read?

      ~1Ask The Veranda to check it for you.

c. Are you pleased with your website? Many websites are overcrowded and difficult to find information in. Many are not well written and not well organised. They do not communicate effectively.

      ~1The Veranda can rewrite and reorder your existing online content11or produce something new. Your website will say what you want it to say, clearly and convincingly.

d. Do you need help writing to, talking to, or understanding governments, doctors, lawyers, etc.?

      ~1Ask The Veranda to do it for you.

2. Planning & Organising

a. Do you need to organise or renew your business, board, club, or other group?

      ~1The Veranda will look carefully at what you have, then work with you to improve it.

b. Do you need assistance preparing an event or presentation?

      ~1Ask The Veranda for a quote.

c. Are you thinking of starting a new business or other endeavour?

      ~1Let The Veranda help from the beginning.

d. Would you like to organise your daily life, to help you be more productive and feel more fulfilled?

      ~1The Veranda will sit down with you and make a personalised, easy-to-follow plan.

3. Speak Your Best

Learn to speak well and confidently, whether you are giving a speech or presentation, talking in a meeting or conducting a meeting, being interviewed, or whenever you need to communicate effectively.

Lessons Will Help You To...

speak so that all can understand you and easily take in what you say

relax—and make the audience relax

answer questions successfully

make a good impression while speaking

make everyone feel included

and more!

4. Elder Planning

Helping Find Peace Of Mind For The Years To Come

Are you uncertain about wills11about Power Of Attorney11about executorship?

Are you concerned about the many legal and governmental matters that must be taken care of after someone passes away?

The Veranda can help you plan for your final years11or for your parents' final years.

The Veranda can help make living at home as safe and as easy as possible for as long as possible.

How The Veranda Works

a. The Veranda provides quick service at a reasonable cost.

b. The Veranda consults carefully with you before starting to work, to ensure that it has a clear picture of what you want.

c. You only pay The Veranda when the work is finished to your satisfaction.

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